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Found Postcard. Can anyone decipher the scrawl? All I can make out is “Please don’t let the…..Our girl is mad”. Lovely Typography on the front is credited Copyright RG Wells 1907



Finally unveiled, the 10 illustrations and new cover I produced for Oliver Sacks – The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. A beautifully made boxed Limited Edition reprint from the Folio Society.  It’s hot off the press and there are only 4000. Available from The Folio Society.

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My old website has alas been retired from service but lovingly rebuilt by the talented Danielle Mullis. Launched today, on it’s maiden worldwide voyage it has four decks and a tidy little shop. God bless all who sail in her. Where’s the Champagne…


Street Sounds

Street Sounds – Electro 4. 1984. I bought this when I was about 13. A big influence visually and musically. Everything was exciting about these LP’s, it was the whole package, the music, the design, the fact that they were mixed and a series to collect. It looked and sounded so fresh & different. I wasn’t exactly sure what ‘Aural’ Sex was though. Sleeve designs by Red Ranch for Carvers.


big issue

This Weeks Big Issue Cover along with my first rough / collage sketch.

not responsible

Castle Dry Cleaners, Hastings, UK

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A friend, a school teacher saved this for me after a 6 year old pupil handed it in and asked  for a new one. What I love is that all the information about this pencil is still on here. It’s a Staedtler, a HB and the owner was in the green group.