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I’ve got a drawer called ‘trim n edge’ – edges of anything, but mainly edges of paper. A bundle of edges, decorative edge, scuffed book edge, certificate edge,  off-printed edge, printers registration edge, torn edge, ringbound edge, perforated edge, sawn edge, sunbleached edge, edgy edge, on edge, don’t push me cos i’m . .



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Another lil’ pat on the back for my Folio Society work. Selected for The Creative Review Illustration Annual 2011. You may have seen the illo’s from the book from earlier blogs so I thought I’d show you some leftovers from the project. It was down to me to choose what stories and chapters to illustrate, so I read it a couple of times and visually annotated the whole original paperback along the way. It’s the only way I can remember important bits I want to pick up on and highlight unfamiliar terms and things I need to research further.  At one point my 2 year old daughter got hold of it and stickered it up which gave me a bit of an idea for the ‘Dog beneath the skin’ chapter. Thanks Orla. x


The winners of  NYC’s 3×3 Magazine – Illustration Annual 2011 have just been announced and I’m happy to say I’m among them.  My illustrations for the Folio Society’s reissue of Oliver Sacks – The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat were also awarded a ‘bronze medal’, but I’m not sure what that means just yet. A selection of images from the book will be published in the Annual this Autumn.


Back in Febuary I ran a couple of full on collage & typography workshops on the Graphics BA at Espom UCA. With 60 students per day we made some cracking work including 40 hand made collaged books and a 150’ sentence made from junk and street rubbish. The results of which have been included in this beautiful end of year book. Part hand book, part prospectus, part design project and part Catalogue. ‘Long Live the Art School’ is a really fresh way to show off what an Art College has to offer and to unearth what an Art School is, was and can be. And with contributions from Adrian Shaughnessy, Vaughan Oliver and Rick Poyner, if I was 21 again I’d want to study at Epsom. My favourite bit though is the scratch and sniff ‘Art School’ postcard, which instantly transports you back to the black fingernails and turps soaked rags of the print room. Mmmm..the smell of it.


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There’s hours of fun to be had with a scalpel and a photocopier. The key here is to try and imagine what the rest of these peoples faces were like.

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On his many years on the road Louis Armstrong passed the while by making collages on the fronts and backs of his collection of seven-inch reel boxes. He used whatever was at hand. Pics of friends, news clippings, packaging and flyers.  The collages had no correlation with what was on the tapes – his favourite music, backstage jokes or recordings of everyday conversations with friends. Over 1000 collages reside in the Louis Armstrong Archives in Queens College New York.

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Beautiful Prayer Card. This belonged to my Grand Aunt Tess who kept it in her purse.


Some experiments overprinting number two’s.


Ambulances from my collection. I passed my driving test today too!


Friends and designers Luke Pendrell and Ben Branagan gave me this print they made.  I always have it in up the studio. Limited Edition Letterpress. John Frum Press