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A few photos I took when experimenting with chopping up portraits for the Folio society project. I found rhombus or diamond shapes the most interesting when I started to pull them apart. The image of the face was transferred onto light weight paper by frottage / screenwash transfer before I stuck it down and began to cut it up, and the whole thing had to be lightly glued down too or a breeze from an open door would have left the whole thing on the floor. The more successful ones were where I pulled it apart quickly and randomly. To much consideration left them looking contrived. An explosion can’t be contrived. A very fiddly experiment but it led to the final cover of the book.







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Race cards


Yorkshire 1997.  Friends of mine live in the beautiful village of Hutton Rudby in East Yorkshire. Every year the field at the back of their house holds the Point to Point Horse Races. After a day of very poor betting but great revelry I realised  how nice these disregarded betting cards were, I collected them from all over the field and stuffed them into my pocket. A fair few have been chopped up over the years but these ones remain intact.

Tinted Love


I recently unearthed this gem at my Mums house. Back in the good old days when you got your photos developed at the high street chemist and only in black and white you had to add your own colour to enhance your pics, and you could get these little hand tinting sets of inks just for that purpose. Someone took this timeless snap of my Mum and Pop in their courting days in London, probably about 1963. My Dad said he painted it with a cotton bud. I love the two tone cup and the light blue wallpaper.

beach collage




I was approached along with 8 other Artists to make a Poster for the Coastal Currents Visual Arts Festival here in East Sussex, I decided that I’d better try and do something different as the company included Jake & Dinos Chapman, Maggi Hambling CBE and Billy Childish! Im not sure if it’s wise to experiment under pressure but I gave it a go. The brief was ‘Promenade’ and the posters will be mainly along the Seafront in East Sussex so I thought I’d try and bring a collage to the sea-front promenade. My idea being the posters will be exactly where the collage was shot. Taking a photo of a cardboard collage on a windy sea-front was a new challenge. I luckily managed to persuade a pro to do the shoot and John Reynolds did a sterling job. The sun kept disappearing behind black clouds, it started to rain, and everything wobbled in the wind, but we managed to get a good final shot by sundown. Brochure, posters and postcards will be circulating in a week or so. I’m definitely going to do some more experiments with situation collage. Any location suggestions most welcome…




Two of my images from ‘The Folio Society – Oliver Sacks’ project have been selected for Fresh – Cutting Edge Illustration, a tidy 3 book box set. The 3 books focus on Public, Print and 3D Illustration and are published by daab and edited by Slanted Magazine. Image above – judges looking through over 16,000 entries.

Sketchbook 94′







I made this sketchbook whilst in Germany when I was about 21. Scraps from a paper dump, photocopies and ink washes all slapped together in with wallpaper paste, window putty and even toilet paper. The whole thing started to break up so I took it apart and stuck down some of the spreads. Unfortunately I’ll never be able to see the collages that were on the backs as they’re firmly glued down with PVA. What a berk. These were some of the first collages I’d made.


tiny feet

We have a new baby girl in the O’Neill household! 4 days old and absolutely gorgeous. If only someone could uncover a lost Montgomery Ward warehouse somewhere, circa 1951, and we could order some of these gems. x