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Funny or Scary?







Some lesser seen collage works loosely based on a ‘motors’ theme. Using oily scraps of paper, light-bulb boxes & dirty cardboard I’d kept from the Saturday’s when I used to help out at my dads mechanic’s garage in Kilburn, London. One image includes a bit of an old rusted gasket. I was, and still am, fascinated by gaskets.

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The photographic print at the top was a present for my last birthday from friend and designer Luke Pendrell. He took it a good few years ago in Las Vegas when he was out there documenting the old signage graveyard, which turned into an article for Eye Magazine. These are only a selection of the 10 rolls of film he shot. A small book in the making I think. Looks like they were C41 crossed processed to get that rich saturation and electric blues and oranges as they haven’t been tinkered with in photoshop. Amazing pictures from an sublime place. You can’t beat dead and decaying glamour, and the ultimate mecca for shabby type freaks. There’s more imagery and info here at The Neon Museum in Vegas. But back to Gilley’s, not sure if it’s still open but a man could sure loose his innocence and soul in a haunt like that, or at least a wallet full of dough…Gotta get me to Vegas some time…


Fudge Friday

True Love and water




Last year I was thrilled to be asked to make some collages for American folk singer Erica Buettner’s debut Album, True Love and Water. After talking about ideas on the phone for a while I was pleasantly surprised when Erica and her producer Pierre Faa turned up on my Studio doorstep all the way from Paris. I had to hear her play live so we managed to arrange an impromptu gig that night in a friends Bar in Hastings. It was absolutely enchanting. We took photos on the beach, exchanged collage elements and had a great few creative days. The Album has just been released and Erica is touring around Europe right now. We have a plan to have a combined show and gig in either Lisbon, Portugal or Paris some time early next year – something along the lines of a live collage & music installation. You can catch her in London on Sunday September 11th at the Old Queen’s Head Sunday Social in Islington & on Monday September 12th at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. I love all nine beautiful songs, but these are some of my favourites. Body Electric. Our Most Fragile Things. Time Travelling. When it Goes. A very talented young lady.




dont get up



Some advice given to me by my 9 year old nephew when I stayed over at my sisters. I found it on my chest when I woke up – so I went back to sleep. Have a nice weekend and if you can – don’t get up.



I’ve got lots of bits of paper here in the studio. Too many to remember. Every now and then I’ll pop one on the scanner and post it, like this – an old ‘Cheskoslovensko’ stamp page. Almost worth framing as it is.


Illustration for BBC Gramophone Magazine.

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Piece Books were books you made Graffiti in, where you tested out your style, practiced your tag, and planned to do it for real with spray paint. They were usually re-appropriated blank school books which were obviously free. These were worked in and exchanged in the playground, where you’d work in someone else’s book and visa versa. A full Piece Book was a thing to cherish and behold, and even steal. Pics here are of piece books between 83’ and 85’ when I was around 12 -14 years old. I used felt tips, magic markers and metallic pens. There was a lot of pen dealing going on at school too, and the local art shop was on alert for berols & sharpies going into blazer pockets. And if the teachers caught you with any of this stuff it was confiscated and binned, a shame they didn’t think that a inner London kid sitting at home for hours on end being creative, doing typography, was a worthwhile pursuit…I kept doing bits of Graff until I was about 16 but these here are a selection of the more interesting naive stuff. I’d love to see a show of 80’s piece books… Happy days.