Graff 1





I first saw this book then I was about 13 and I can’t believe its taken me 25 years to buy it. Subway Art was like our bible when we were at school in the 80’s. There were about 2 copies floating around that I don’t know who originally belonged to, but they were swapped, borrowed, robbed, photocopied, traced, and near ripped apart. I managed to get it for a weekend, a swap for some fat laces. Everyone copied straight out of it, then went on to adapt there own way of ‘writing’. Grafitti then was an underground subculture and was very new, very cool and very illegal. It was wrapped up in fledgling electro and hip hop and everything about it was exciting and ‘New York’. I guess it was punk for 80’s kids, a rebellion. I filled a lot of ‘piece books’ with my own efforts, but my only real attempt at doing a large piece on the side of someone’s house ended up with me and my mate Nico getting a proper thumping from the owner. So I went back to piece books, a sore lesson learnt. My tag was Presto and sometimes Rame.  See the next post for my early efforts.