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tatol mses

A postcard I picked up at a Foundation show at The London College of Communication 5 years ago. The Typography and design is by the then design student Marta Mastalkova from the Acadamy of Arts in Prague.


frobisher says

I’m very pleased to be working on a few little games for the absurd and surreal menagerie that is ‘Frobisher Says’, a multi-game – game for the soon to be released Playstation Psvita. Collage on a video game…new territory for me. Last time I played a video game, you loaded it on a cassette.


useful or beautiful

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.  ~ William Morris (Picture taken on my phone in Hastings UK.)

cut the sky out


A bit of process from behind the finished picture. I really loved these flowers when I saw them, buttercups I think… I found them in an old book on ‘ how to photograph flowers ‘ but I didn’t really want the sky, and the only real way to get rid of sky is to cut all the blue bits away.  Somehow, I don’t know why, I still really enjoy doing this, but when I look at these pics I see the laborious work of a bored, somewhat obsessive nerd – haha, and i’m not like that – promise. If I saw this done by someone else I’d think ‘ I couldn’t be bothered to do that ‘. But when I saw the flowers I had to do it, just to see where it would go. After some tinkering with colour copying, silkscreen, acetate and emulsion I finished the illustration. ‘A Day of Reflection’ was one of ten images commissioned to illustrate competition winning short stories for The National – Weekend Magazine. Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates.

mailart2 Comments

I got this in the post this morning. I have a few days to do something creative to it and send it back. There’s going to be a show full of them in October at the Orange Dot Gallery in London as part of the Bloomsbury Festival.

king of them all














Since becoming a father I seem to have a lot less time for playing pool in Pubs – so my collection of nicked pool chalks has almost come to a halt. It’s the only place to get them. It would seem that Triangle Chalk’s ‘King of them all’ is the favoured brand in the UK, so very well named. If any of you are still playing pool in Pubs n bars – I’ll gladly accept donations. They are great little bits of design.



Eight commissioned posters for the Coastal Currents Visual Arts Festival. Top from left to right. Billy Childish – Aardvark – Martin O’Neill – Jake and Dinos Champan – Ben Eine – Maggi Hambling – Debbi Angel – Andrew Kötting & Iain Sinclair.
I had blogged the making of this piece of art  (The Queen of St Leonards 1972) in July as ‘Beach Collage’. Now the work from all eight artists can be seen all along the seafront and around the county. Eight artists with a connection to the region were invited to make an image on the theme of ‘Promenade’ to be made into double crown-sized promenade posters to be displayed along the seafront in Hastings and St Leonards. These  were also reproduced and distributed as 10,000 free collectible postcards in key locations locally and regionally. I’ve got a stack here in the studio if anyone’s passing…I’m still trying to get a shot of my poster in situ, where it was originally made on the seafront, but I cycle past too early and too late in the day for the right light! Better get a move on before they’re pasted over…







Booklore is knowledge gained from books.










John Reynolds is a photographer who’s studio is based in Central London but lives a few doors down from our studio here in St Leonard’s. We’re currently working in an idea for a collaboration, but more about that later.. For 15 years John has professionally photographed everything from the real World Cup to live Bengali Tiger’s in his London Studio. Although one of the original pioneers of commercial digital photography he learnt his trade shooting for ads with film canisters and chemicals in the darkroom, so he properly knows his onions. When I met him 5 years ago he gave me a book of his, which I keep picking up at the moment. It’s One Thousand Buildings of London. Yeah, a thousand. An amazing photographic bible of London Architecture. He told me he borrowed a Vespa and methodically worked his way around London, grouping the buildings into postcodes. It took 6 months working 16 hours a day to complete it and he could probably do ‘The Knowledge’ now. (The Famed unpassable London Taxi Drivers test). The shots are dramatic, eerie, exciting and beautiful, even when the buildings weren’t. Some of the buildings, like Trellick Tower (above) were things I walked passed when I was growing up, but they just seemed ugly then. There’s defiantly an architectural collage project in there somewhere, hnmmm, another conversation for the Pub.. Anyway, John understands light better than anyone I’ve met, maybe that’s why his house looks over the sea. A Fenestration is a lovely word that means the arrangement of openings on the surface of a structure,  like windows or doors.


Untitled Photocopy Collage. December 2000.