cut the sky out


A bit of process from behind the finished picture. I really loved these flowers when I saw them, buttercups I think… I found them in an old book on ‘ how to photograph flowers ‘ but I didn’t really want the sky, and the only real way to get rid of sky is to cut all the blue bits away.  Somehow, I don’t know why, I still really enjoy doing this, but when I look at these pics I see the laborious work of a bored, somewhat obsessive nerd – haha, and i’m not like that – promise. If I saw this done by someone else I’d think ‘ I couldn’t be bothered to do that ‘. But when I saw the flowers I had to do it, just to see where it would go. After some tinkering with colour copying, silkscreen, acetate and emulsion I finished the illustration. ‘A Day of Reflection’ was one of ten images commissioned to illustrate competition winning short stories for The National – Weekend Magazine. Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates.