Eight commissioned posters for the Coastal Currents Visual Arts Festival. Top from left to right. Billy Childish – Aardvark – Martin O’Neill – Jake and Dinos Champan – Ben Eine – Maggi Hambling – Debbi Angel – Andrew Kötting & Iain Sinclair.
I had blogged the making of this piece of art  (The Queen of St Leonards 1972) in July as ‘Beach Collage’. Now the work from all eight artists can be seen all along the seafront and around the county. Eight artists with a connection to the region were invited to make an image on the theme of ‘Promenade’ to be made into double crown-sized promenade posters to be displayed along the seafront in Hastings and St Leonards. These  were also reproduced and distributed as 10,000 free collectible postcards in key locations locally and regionally. I’ve got a stack here in the studio if anyone’s passing…I’m still trying to get a shot of my poster in situ, where it was originally made on the seafront, but I cycle past too early and too late in the day for the right light! Better get a move on before they’re pasted over…


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