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Every illustrator will have a favourite arrow they use or have used in their work. They’ll have a few nice little ones they pull out of the armoury when called for. They’re every illustrators companion although you try to avoid using them really, as they can sometimes be seen as a bit of a shortcut past actual concepts… For me, the all time best use of an arrow was in a logo designed by Lindon Leader. In a sublime use of negative space and with a bit of pulling and pushing it was neatly nuzzled into place in the logo above.

town & country



Two previously unseen roughs for the Guardian Newspaper. Same man, different environments, one rural, one urban.


Found this Joker right outside my front door last night. Right outside the gate. No other cards around. As if someone had left it there for me…Nothing too weird in that perhaps. But I collect jokers. I turned it over wondering what it would be too… I usually take them from old packs I buy but I’ve never found one on his own, and such a good one. I’ll post up my collection when I have time to get them on the scanner. About 30 in all, well 31.

type tests

Experiments for type based illustration. Various processes from cork letters thrown in the bath to Alphabetti Spaghetti on a lightbox.

Calling cards


Hand Cut Business Cards.

same but different



More ‘ Same But Different ‘ coming soon.

Good Quick CHeap

I love this triangle, I don’t know what it’s called or who invented it, but it applies to any service that is commissioned and seems really apt when it comes to commercial art. Your client should really only ever have two of these, but not all three. So you can have work of great quality and fast, but it won’t be cheap etc etc.. Try it out.. It’s a good rule of thumb ‘terms & conditions’ to have stuck above your desk when negotiating the boring stuff – fees, schedule and contracts. So if your client is wanting the earth, yesterday for nothing you should email them this and say ‘pick the two you’d prefer but the third we negotiate’, and if they don’t fancy it they can always go for the alternative – Shit, slow and expensive. C’mon fair’s fair.

Short stories







Six of ten Illustrations for M Magazine’s annual short stories competition. United Arab Emirates.

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Graphically alluring but with astonishing titles these American 1950s True Crime magazines are packed full of blood curdling photographs of real crime scenes, the weapons used and mugshots of the ‘cons’. They mostly focus on violent male on female crime with the occasional token female ‘payback’ story. The adverts in the back for ‘turn your fists into battering rams of destruction’ pamphlets, ‘how to get girls’ booklets and ‘life size blow up dolls with real hair’ tell a pretty dark story of their targeted readership – Frustrated single men with an interest in beautiful, but murdered women – it would seem. Some titles even hint at the victims deserving the attacks. Surely these mag’s went some way to fuel the real crimes… Can’t quite imagine these on the newstands today, although the standard of the photography is somewhat better. I found 60 of them in a box at a car boot sale in Kilburn in 2001 and have been fascinated with them ever since. Let me know what you think…




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Work in Progress.