ruff mercy

BLU – DOINNOTHIN’ FT. UGOD (PRODUCED BY FLYING LOTUS) from david m. helman on Vimeo.

I just gotta share this new video by Ruff Mercy, a best mate and surfing buddy. Commissioned by underground LA Rapper BLU it’s so dirty, raw and grubby but so deliciously tasty, with lil’ nods to Haring and Basquiat, it’s Ruff on top form. Ever since he got a job animating for MTV straight off the bat outta college in the 90’s his work has always been ahead of the game. Constantly changing and developing but always with his trademark broken humour, sinister undertones, and all seen through his grimy cracked lense. I’m proud to say that as 22 year old scamp students in a Pub in Leeds in the 9o’s I gave him his nickname, Ruff Mercy, a spoonerism on Russ Murphy, which was later to stick as his work moniker. Check out his previous Blu animation here. Equally crackin’.