see bass



Can you believe this is the first Bass book ever? A mint birthday surprise for me too. A little known fact was that his wife Elaine was as much a part of the work as he was.. ‘Behind every good man…’ as they say…I’d have to agree. Their work was always functional and beautiful, the holy grail in design, and at the heart of it was usually alluringly simple hand rendered illustration and type. One of our favourite Bass title sequences is the beginning of Scorsese’s Casino. If you’ve got 3 minutes watch it all. A mesmerising and clever combination of pulsating Vegas neon contrasted with tiny falling gansters. A wonderfully simple and powerful metaphor charting the mobs descent into hell. On another note check this interview out with Saul on ‘Money vs Quality Work’ “You have to futz, you have to noodle”. Class.