skip rat

I’ve been going to the local dump for about 8 years now. Not really for artistic purposes, just occasionally getting rid of old carpets and the normal household scrap. I can never, however help myself ¬†nosing around and end up bringing more back than I arrived with. I got asked to leave today for taking pics and rifling through this lot (top picture). It always makes me feel ill how much great stuff is thrown out – they do a lot of recycling, but mostly it just gets buried in a landfill. Depressing. What will those Aliens think when they dig it all up in 500 years… So far I have salvaged a box of 8 cinni Camera’s, various chairs and cabinets, a library book trolley, boxes of old photos, vintage picture frames and a lovely little ladder. There’s a pecking order amongst the lads who work there as to who gets the pickings to sell or keep. You’ve got to speak to the right person if you want something, and of course cross their palms with silver, or paper as it were. The place is huge, but I didn’t get a chance to take pics of the bicycle & lawnmower mountain or the redundant TV & computer skyscraper’s. They’ll probably have a Christmas tree & plastic toy corner next week too. What a waste. I’ve just realised that I’m still doing the same thing that I was when I was 20, as in the bottom pic, taken on a rubbish dump in Pforzheim, Germany, 1993. What a skip rat.