collage piles from cut it out studio on Vimeo.

I want to make some little films this year, so here’s my first rough test. I haven’t really got any film equipment so I gaffa-taped my stills camera (Canon G9) to a metre rule and stuck it to the ceiling – a pretty roughly improvised camera stand. I then got a random pile of leftover collage bits and pressed record. This is the first and only take, filmed in real time. I wasn’t really trying to make compositions, I just piled all the bits up freestyle until they were all gone. I then sped it up and dropped this track on it, all a bit crudely, but it seemed to fit, maybe because it’s fast, and retro. I’m not sure where it’s going just yet, but it’s interesting to see all these random bits moving somehow, making connections.. The start of something I hope. Let me know what you think… The music is ‘Too Fortiche’ by Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier from the ‘Les Yper Sound’ E.P, 1967.