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igloo art

This is my nephew Stanley Cropper. He made this artwork and emailed it to me. He’s 6 and in an igloo he made with his brothers Harry and Jack. He has socks on his hands. We don’t know who’s on his shoulder. I’ll be posting nephews and nieces art up here from time to time. Inspirational.

button shop

My local button shop.


How I made the icons for my website.

on liberty

Unpublished version of an Illustration for the book ‘ On Liberty ’ by British philosopher Sir John Stuart Mill. 1859. For the Folio Society 2008. See all the Illustrations here.


A few weeks ago 30 or so BA Hons Illustration students from LCC spent the day in Hastings. Headed up by tutors Stuart Varley & Paul Bowman we arranged a packed day of talks & studio visits. ½ at our studio and the other ½ at Peter Quinnell’s Black Winkle. Sandwiched in the middle everyone went to a Bikers Pub on the seafront and had a few hours with Illustrators Scott Garrett, Gary Neil, Chris Watson and Tim Marrs. A chance for budding images makers to talk to some seasoned pro’s with the benefit of a tongue loosening beer. Stories were told, debates began and beer was spilled on work. After more afternoon studio visits, everyone headed back to the Carlisle where a 7 a-side game of darts was played. I think it may become an annual event.




Another Bisley cabinet from the studio. Photographed 2007.




Seahorses by Bidisha was my first book jacket commission when I left college in 96′. A colour copy and silkscreen collage. Under that are a selection of jacket Illustrations for John Fowles’ novels. Published by Vintage – Random House, 2004. Daniel Martin, A Maggot, The White Tower & The Magus. To see more covers check out my UK agent Debut Art’s Flicker page.


An old pantone chart from my screen printing days. Photograph by John Reynolds.

bunny1 Comment

Here’s who greeted me at the studio doorstep this morning. A few other bits in a carrier bag with him, cd’s, shoes. I  think someone thought we’re a charity/ junk shop. I guess we are in a way. I’ll pass the other bits on, but the Bunny stay’s.