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I went around to see a house a freind had bought which had pretty much been ripped out. I took these snaps just to capture some fragments of the era when the previous owners had decorated it.  They had a right old array of colour schemes going on, and some lovely hand painted & printed woodblock wallpaper. Some little things here reminded me of my own childhood, the Tredaire underlay, floral carpet and that strange material curtains used to be made of, also love the diy tiling. A pick n mix of decades. I think if it was my house I might have done some collages on the walls, preserved some areas, maybe just one room, Merzbau style.. It’s all gone now anyway, out with the old, in with the new.


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Have to find time to rifle through this lot…And no, I’m not telling you where it is.

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I picked these up in a flea market in Berlin 2 years ago. Beautiful book jackets for a series re-published by Verlag Volk und Weld, Berlin 1980. Originally older though I think. I’m not great at decifering the german credits in the back, so any info on these would be great. Can anyone shed any light?

my computer

Why can’t someone make a computer that looks like this.

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Every month this year Studio Fury in London are producing and distributing a promotional poster with a flipside calendar. I was chuffed to be asked to create an image for April’s release. The open brief was to create a visual response to the words ‘the inches we need are everywhere around us’. A quote plucked from one of the great motivational speeches in modern Cinema. But which film? There are five posters up for grabs through Fury here. Big thanks to Stephen Kennedy and everyone at Fury, a lovely project to be a part of.



cola bottle baby

collage. 2001.