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same but different


No. 3

sdvig No 2

Sdvig Series No. 2





Closing after 30 years, my local 2nd hand bookshop. I’ve been popping in for about 7 years. They were especially cool as if you brought back one of their books you’d get 50% of what you initially paid off your next book. Waterstone’s don’t do that. If your looking for any book anywhere in the world, even new ones, don’t go to Amazon. Go to abebooks first. Thousands of independent booksellers with all of their gazillions of books online. It means shops like The Paperback Reader get to stay trading. Sounds about right doesn’t it.


ambulance no. 2



Ambulance of the week. No.2. Looks like this kid needed an ambulance in his car collection in a hurry, maybe there was an emergency.. Surely he should have used tippex, or house paint? Maybe he looked, but went for a bunch of markers in the end. And where did he get the ambulance stickers from? Hmmn. Keeps me thinking this one… All varieties welcome in my bucket of ambulances, even re-conned TV Trucks. Thanks to Peter Quinnell for this one.


the duke

I just found this little tribute collage I made in around 96’ when I was at college. Geoff Duke  (The Duke) dominated motorcycle racing in the 1950s, winning six world championships & six Isle of Mann TT races. Check him out in action here. A living Legend.



‘Sdvig’ Series. No. 1.

ambulance no.1




Ambulance of the Week.  MERC. 1200L. BINZ EUROP. V306. This one’s seen some crash scenes. It’s even got blood on it.


New RuffMercy Madness. Apparently it’s been crashing iphones. Quality.

hyper sense

Collage sketch / Test piece for internal Illustration for The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Chapter 18. The Dog Beneath the Skin. Stephen D, a 22 year old medical student,  in a dream thinks he is a dog with hyper senses. He awakens to find it is true. He has a hyper real sense of colour and smell.“ as if I had been totally colourblind before, and suddenly found myself in world full of colour… he could smell their emotions – fear, contentment, sexuality – like a dog. He could recognize every street, every shop, by smell – he could find his way around New York, infallibly, by smell”.