ration cards. 1945 bread tokens. steamed open envelopes. hand written receipts for petrol, 1980’s. used pocket calandars. note paper. graph paper. tissue paper. vintage money from iran. large old usa cheques. a sea map. historical map of the roman empire on leather. hand written weather records. love letter. artists paint mixing board. napkins. typing practice sheet. hand written sheet music. tacograph. cardiograms. technical drawang. empty stamp album pages. fish n chip paper. postcard of a teddy bear. bus tickets. victorian scraps. airfix transfers. secret german documents WWII. passport pages. photographic test strips. kids colouring book, morrocan. passport photos. blue paper towels (tork). lo grade shiny loo paper. random cardboard shapes. packaging for letraset. stained doylees. 4 playing cards. 2 board games. ripped out book covers. raffle tickets. bingo cards. childrens drawing of a dog. knitting pattern. dress making pattern. red dot stickers. a plain schleich smurf 1979. over exposed photos. hand written directions to a german train station. pages of a dictionary. photo pouches. ledger pages. shot up pellet gun targets. blurry polariod pictures. inlay paper. sheet of marbled paper. tiny ripped off billboard bits. school kids sick note. stamps, various. shopping list. carbon paper. dry and light damaged sellotape in a matchbox. WWI ID card. rabbit breeders association documents. dockets. used note pads. post it doodle. rusty paperclips. price stickers reel. good work stars. silver leaf.

The written contents of a cardboard box in the studio. Taken from the Catalog Project 2006.