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smelly barry

A while ago 3rd year BA graphics students from LCC came down for a one day project. We decided to go and investigate the local area to unearth some ‘under the surface’ stories. The students dug deep and gleaned some surreal anecdotes about local characters. The idea was to collect material for ½ a day and make stuff reflecting it with the rest. Acuminating with a window installation. It was pretty frenzied afternoon and we called for wine and chips for the Crit at 6pm. It took me best part of a week to scrub the words ‘Smelly Barry’ off our window, and I was concerned that Barry himself would see his life story laid bare and come knocking for an explanation.



Recently been sorting out  the workshop here and found this collection of hooks which I thought were lost. They’re mostly home made, the kind for holding paint pots up on ladders, or for threading things with handles onto .. in sheds. They’re made from coat hangers and all sorts and make very nice naive S’s.

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Open Studios again this weekend down here by the sea. Work for sale by Jackie Parsons and me. 25% off all prints bought in the studio. Get some Fish ‘n’ Chips with the savings.

cutout sketch


open studio

Come and say hi and see our studio, this and next weekend. New Artwork & Prints for sale. Part of The Coastal Currents Festival.  Lots of other open studios & events in and around town too.

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Collage filing cabinet from the studio.


Work in progress.

up yours you idiot

Trucker’s hand signage. Source: Car Bootsale, Hastings.