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cutting mat

ambulance no.4


Majorette. Fourgon VW.  No. 240. Made in France. 1/60.

knockers n knickers


Today’s leftovers, from some work for GQ India. I may have to start a knockers ‘n’ knickers draw.


black dog book

This is a book of mine where I like to keep found and cut out fonts. It’s called Black Dog. Photo: John Reynolds.


new print

A new limited edition print over at the shop. It’s called ‘Inches’.


Just finished a book cover. Was a real good fun project with hundreds of tiny cut out bits. I took a few pics of the leftovers that were around the artwork when I finished. But what was the book? I’ll post up the finished thing in a few months when I get the go ahead.

New print3 Comments

A new limited edition print over at the shop. It’s called ‘Inches’.

dead gull1 Comment

This poor fella was on the beach this morning.