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Leeds & Sheffield


Before the year is out I’d like to say a big thank you to students and staff at both Leeds Metropolitan University , my old Art College, and Sheffield Hallam University. Back in November we had two fun days of talks, debate, crits and reminiscing. And a special thank you for the brilliant welcome banners which were a big surprise. The top one created by Pam Bowman at Sheffield Hallam and the bottom by a 3rd year student at Leeds. I was very touched.


Over in Brighton my mates Pat n Sara run the wonderful pop up shop Unlimited Editions alongside their design agency We Are Unlimited. Currently full of Seasonal Delights.




I can finally show these. Some more games I made for the Frobisher Says Mega Fun Pack game for the Playstation Vita. These are all Spot The Difference games. A bit of a new more digital direction working on these as every component part had to be switch on and off-able. And there’s a surreal 360 on screen movement. ie you have to physically rotate 360 when playing the game as you aim and fire at the differences on two screens. It’s not confusing when you play it though. I’ve only played it on a test console so am hoping Papa Noel will bring me a real PSVita so I can dismally fail at my own games.