Bettine #1

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Bettine Le Beau – A Lucky Girl

Over the next few weeks I’ll posting up a range of collages, unseen scenes & related ephemera behind the Holocaust Memorial Day #MemoryMakers project. A collaboration with Animator & Director Griff. Commissioned by Holocaust Memorial Day Trust the brief was an open response to a day spent with Bettine at her North London home talking about her life and experiences during the Holocaust. Editing down over 5 hours of audio to 12 minutes Griff created the narrative structure to the film. The collages were then created using elements from Bettines personal scrapbooks, photo albums & my personal archive. The images in these posts are in no particular order and don’t all appear in the film.   Watch the film here Bettine Le Beau – Lucky Girl and there’s more about the wonderful Bettine Le Beau herself here.


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