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Longline Buoy

longline marker lr

I found this wonderful construction on the tideline this morning. Probably from our local RX fishing fleet. It’s a 7′ homemade longline marker buoy. There’d be a string of these showing where your fishing lines were set out to sea. It’s made from bits bamboo for lightness , a chunk of polystyrene packaging for buoyancy, various scraps of rope for tethering and all bound together by an assortment of parcel & gaffa tapes – topped off with a placcy bag for the flag. There’s the remnants of previous flags clinging on – I’m sure they just get mended & upgraded again and again. These are probably pretty expensive to buy all new so I respect the ingenuity in creating your own for nothing – i’m sure it works just as well. A canny fisherman. I’ve put it in the studio window to see if he or she wants it back.. Looks like there’s still life in it to me.


Bet 3 ONEILL 2015©

More collages and stills from the short – Bettine Le Beau – A Lucky Girl. The second collage from the top includes a photo of Bettine & her elder brother Harry in Gurs concentration camp, winter 1940. It was taken by the man (An OSE agent) who bribed a guard and got them out. They were starving and freezing but told to smile for the camera – the photo was given to their mother when they were gone.

Bettine #3

Bet 2 ONEILL 2015©

More collages, stills & unused work from the film Bettine Le Beau – A Lucky Girl.