V&A Shortlisted

Virtual Reality Worlds_ Virtual Vatican City_Be A Pope_Garage Magazine 300 water








Shortlisted for the Victoria and Albert Museum Illustration Awards 2018. Editorial Category.

Title: Virtual Vatican  Client: Garage Magazine  Writing : Cintra Wilson  AD: Remi Paringuax  Medium: Hand Made Collage


I was given free rein to interpret Cintra Wilson’s vivid and twisted fashion writing and create 5 dystopian future retro realms as imaginary VR holiday destinations. This piece honed in on the intensity of papel & ecclesiastical fashion through the centuries and my research involved buying 20 or so books on the history of Catholicism, the Vatican city, sculptures and statues. I also researched religious vestments, robes and relics – and the intertwined and surreal miarrage between fashion and religion. Although I’m not practicing now, being brought up in an Irish Catholic community in London definitely helped with the understanding and research of this artwork. I had an intuition for the subject matter and even drew from a personal collection of prayer cards and holy relics inherited from dearly departed relatives. Full feature at VICE.  All shortlisted V&A artists. It’s Nice That.


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