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MerzBarn Report / Artwork Commission / Process


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Last year I was invited by Ian Hunter & Celia Larner of Littoral Arts Trust to spend some time with them at the home of Kurt Schwitters‘ last Merzbau project. Merzbarn. Located in a remote woodland in the heart of the Langdale valley in Cumbria, we explored, talked, drank tea and herded sheep. Ian and Celia are amazing and devoted to ensuring Kurts legacy here is secured for future generations with the plans to build an international centre for collage studies and research. It’s a truely magical place, you can feel Kurt’s creative spirit everywhere. It feels like the rural home of British collage.

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ghoul blog 5

GHoul Blog2

ghoul blog 6

Film Poster for The Ghoul by Gareth Tunley, featuring Tom Meeten.  A collaboration with Dave Brown.  Process: Collaged fax paper.



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cc 3

bottle 22


Charting the 6 month demise of the #pointofdecay installation. Final remnants of the artworks are now being removed prior to a total refurb of the space. Imagery before the decay set in here.



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iceland ReykJavik ONEILL

A Christmas trip to explore Reykjavík 10 years ago.  We packed a lot in and met some amazing and unique people. We spent a dark day in the pristine wilderness with a snow explosives expert, and a night in the secret house of a political activist who was being watched 24/7, we ate Reindeer on Christmas day on the top floor flat of a towerblock, threw stones at the original ‘geezer’, set fireworks off in the street and partied at the best tiny nightclub in the world – Sirkus. A truly inspirational country with a crazy capital.

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FINAL ALMA 400dpi crop  web

oneill © crop Alma

Alma wip sign

Collage created for Young’s Public House – The Alma, Wandsworth London SW18. Comissioned by Jones Knowles Ritchie as one of 120 new Pub signs.

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1067 A4 POSTER lr

Collage / Poster

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