V&A Shortlisted

Virtual Reality Worlds_ Virtual Vatican City_Be A Pope_Garage Magazine 300 water








Shortlisted for the Victoria and Albert Museum Illustration Awards 2018. Editorial Category.

Title: Virtual Vatican  Client: Garage Magazine  Writing : Cintra Wilson  AD: Remi Paringuax  Medium: Hand Made Collage


I was given free rein to interpret Cintra Wilson’s vivid and twisted fashion writing and create 5 dystopian future retro realms as imaginary VR holiday destinations. This piece honed in on the intensity of papel & ecclesiastical fashion through the centuries and my research involved buying 20 or so books on the history of Catholicism, the Vatican city, sculptures and statues. I also researched religious vestments, robes and relics – and the intertwined and surreal miarrage between fashion and religion. Although I’m not practicing now, being brought up in an Irish Catholic community in London definitely helped with the understanding and research of this artwork. I had an intuition for the subject matter and even drew from a personal collection of prayer cards and holy relics inherited from dearly departed relatives. Full feature at VICE.  All shortlisted V&A artists. It’s Nice That.


The Unthinkable

UNTHINKABLE HR Final MY EDIT lrweb water


unthink test oneill©



unthinkable sketch 2 oneill©


unthinkable tests oneill©


unthinkable wip 6


Cover collage illustration and some process shots for Helen Thompson’s The Unthinkable. The lives of nine people with the worlds strangest brain disorders and what their brains can teach us about our own. Published by John Murray.

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OXFAM KARMA HandBag Advert lr

Recent collages for Oxfams new online second hand goods shop. Campaign. Click for Karma. Agency: Y&R London


Festive London Collages

A bloom


A Bloomsbury Pack


A ones


A pack merylebone


A thing

Handmade collages for The Doyle Collections Luxury London Hotels. The Bloomsbury, The Marelbone and The Kenstington. Created to celebrate their winter festivities across brochures, invites and menus.

The Doyle Collection is a collection of eight Irish family-owned luxury and urban hotels in London, Dublin, Washington DC, Cork and Bristol.



Photo 26-10-2017, 11 32 04 am

In the studio of Martin O'Neill

In the studio of Martin O'Neill

In the studio of Martin O'Neill

In the studio of Martin O'Neill

Photo 26-10-2017, 11 32 16 am

In the studio of Martin O'Neill


In the studio of Martin O'Neill

In the studio of Martin O'Neill

Jackie Parsons and I have shared studios for the last 15 years. 10 of which in the current space, a converted shop in a former 1930s seafront Hotel. The space has grown and been shaped organically as we’ve worked on a wide range of creative projects. The space works for us in many ways. A busy freelance studio for 2 practices, an adhoc gallery, an experimental laboratory and an archive and library of published oddities. The shots here are by Alun Callender for the newly published book STUDIO by Sally Coutlard. The photographs were extremely timely as a few months later a flood from the flats above destroyed a large part of the space. Photographs © Alun Callender.


In the studio of Martin O'Neill

Photo 26-10-2017, 11 32 46 am

In the studio of Martin O'Neill

In the studio of Martin O'Neill


In the studio of Martin O'Neill

Cut it Out Studio. Martin O’Neill & Jackie Parsons. 2017. More studio shots by Alun Callender © for the Book STUDIO by Sally Couthard.


ONEILL © British Airways Highlife Magazine _HIstory of Tickets Paris Metro


ONEILL © British Airways Highlife Magazine Fossil Hunter


British Airways HighLife Magazine Building Bridges


ONEILL Aurora © Artwork Comission


ONEILL Highlife Magazine Rough Trade

Editorial Illustrations for British Airways Highlife Magazine. Parisien Tickets, Fossil Hunter, The Bridge That Never Was,  Aurora Borealis, Geoff Travis – Rough Trade.


ONEILL  British Airways Highlife Spots illustrations

Some monthly spot illustrations for Paul Simons Weather column in British Airways in flight magazine HighLife.


New Murals

Binsk Mural Ignus web


Binsk Mural Ignus web crop


Binsk Mural Aqua web


Binsk Mural Aqua web crop


Binsk Mural Ventus web


Binsk Mural Ventus web crop


Binsk Mural Terra web


Binske Process ONEILL 1


FAUNA Binske Process 2 ONEILL


Binske Luxury Goods Store. Colorado USA.

A commission to create four large scale collage murals for luxury Cannabis goods store Binske in Colorado USA. The artworks are being used as in store murals and on a range of luxury products banded into Fire, Earth, Water & Air themes. The hand made collages were created from classical etchings & watercolor reproductions from vintage zoological, botanical and natural history archives.











From a recent research trip with Luke Pendrell to Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbarn in Cumbria uk. #cylinders #momentum – Moving sketchbook development heading towards the #KS70 programme in 2017.