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Film Poster for The Ghoul by Gareth Tunley, featuring Tom Meeten.  A collaboration with Dave Brown.  Process: Collaged fax paper.



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Charting the 6 month demise of the #pointofdecay installation. Final remnants of the artworks are now being removed prior to a total refurb of the space. Imagery before the decay set in here.



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iceland ReykJavik ONEILL

A Christmas trip to explore Reykjavík 10 years ago.  We packed a lot in and met some amazing and unique people. We spent a dark day in the pristine wilderness with a snow explosives expert, and a night in the secret house of a political activist who was being watched 24/7, we ate Reindeer on Christmas day on the top floor flat of a towerblock, threw stones at the original ‘geezer’, set fireworks off in the street and partied at the best tiny nightclub in the world – Sirkus. A truly inspirational country with a crazy capital.

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FINAL ALMA 400dpi crop  web

oneill © crop Alma

Alma wip sign

Collage created for Young’s Public House – The Alma, Wandsworth London SW18. Comissioned by Jones Knowles Ritchie as one of 120 new Pub signs.

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1067 A4 POSTER lr

Collage / Poster

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PIn UP ONeill


Found ‘as is’ for 4 at a small housing estate Vide Grenier. Abbeville / Picardy / France. Tells an intersting histroy about the collector.

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Point of Decay – Curated by Dan Hardiker & Neil Hetherington at Zeroh.

Opening Event for Coastal Currents Arts Festival.

Featuring: Emily Johns | Peter Quinnell | Hermione Allsopp | Alan Rankle & Rebecca Youseffi | Deborah Bowness | Beccy McCray | Leigh Dyer | ZEROH | Grande Dame | Jo Perfect | Maslen Mehra | Danny Pockets | Shuby | Alex Brattell | Martin O’Neill | Robert Sample | Haxan. Film: Walking down Bottle Alley by Zeroh. Additional photos Coastal Currents.